Swiss Equity Focus:  AS Investment Management is an independent asset manager with an exclusive focus on the Swiss market, particularly equities. Assets under management are close to CHF 500 million.

Unique Fund:  AS Opportunity Switzerland (CHF) is a Swiss equities fund long 130/short 30, with a low correlation to the markets and a regular performance. It provides a true alternative to benchmark oriented funds.

Compelling Track Record:  With a ten year track record, the fund has outperfmormed its benchmark and has never had a down year (gross).




The Fund has achieved one of the lowest levels of volatility and Maximum Drawdown compared to its peers.  Operationally, the Fund is regulated by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) and uses independent market leaders for administration, custody and audit. 


Annualized Volatility

AS Opportunity 


60 Weeks



3 Years





AS Opportunity 


Maximum Drawdown




Investment Overview

Active Managers:  Active management based on alpha generation. Regular capital increase with downside risks minimized. 

Long 130:  The Managers invest in stocks of quality companies whose growth is stable and regular over the long-term. Detailled financial models are constantly updated. Frequent contacts with companies' management as well as with their competitors are maintained. 

Short 30:  The Managers sell short futures on Swiss indexes for capital preservation purposes. 

Clear & Transparent Strategy:  The Fund has a clearly articulated and simple strategy that relies on transparently investing in highly liquid securities.